Friday, August 03, 2007

This is good news. I wonder though, if we'll learn much or more importantly, if Mr. Arar will?
Any thinking person realises that some information must be held back, but whenever I think of this case, I think, "what if it was me?". I'd want to know precisely what happened and I'd want to know it could never happen again.
Where has this gone in the States? Wasn't Leahy pushing on this issue? Well, that briefing brought forth little.
Asked if the senators had found out whether Canadian authorities were asked to take Mr. Arar back in 2002, before he was sent to Syria, but rebuffed the offer, Mr. Leahy said, "That's an excellent question," adding, "You should ask them."
Obviously he knows the answer. Shouldn't Mr. Arar?
Because he's still dissatisfied, I'm led to believe that we weren't asked, but I'd like the answer. We've seen the US Administration, react to non-information since 9-11 and worse yet, we've seen them get it wrong, time after time. CSIS? Anyone who has seen the Air India enquiry, will know that there are, or at least were, problems in that organisation. The Government of the day? Well, if they were complicit, we need to know that, don't we?
Justice Simon Noel of Federal Court ruled two weeks ago that those portions of the report would not endanger national security, diplomatic relations with other countries or the defence of Canada, the only things that could legally justify keeping them secret.
To be frank, at this point I couldn't care less about diplomatic relations with the US, as ridiculous as I know that is. They've made bone headed moves, one after the other since 9-11 and personally I think, they deserve no slack.

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