Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bafflegab of Nuclear Proportions

Well that's more than an hour of my life that I can't get back. Silly me. I thought that maybe we'd learn something from the Committee dealing with the Chalk River reactor. Instead the Minister, Lisa Raitt, demonstrated that she is Cirque de Soleil flexible, as she spent most of her time patting herself on the back and high-fiving the government on the other side of the room.

She did say that there would be a shortage of isotopes, but completely brushed off or downplayed the urgency of the situation. In fact, she went so far as to say that there shouldn't be any fear-mongering re'the shortage. Hello? Gary Lunn and this is a matter of life and death anyone?

Raitt wouldn't compare the two shut downs however. This one is completely different. I'll say! They have absolutely no idea how long the shut down will be and after 18 months, they are just now setting up an 'expert' panel to examine the issue. (Is it me or does this government require an expert panel on...well...just about everything?) We're not too sure when that will be finalised, but they are trying to meet some July deadline, that I didn't really catch.

Anyway, very little was learned during the meeting, but as soon as it ended, I heard Greg Weston (Sun media) reporting that he believes the shut down is permanent! He said that the fuel rods were being removed and the reactor was being disassembled. It's his belief that it will not be reassembled. A new reactor will be required and that could take about 3 years.

A little side note here. I heard bits and pieces of a couple of committee meetings today and there was a constant theme by the government. That theme was twisting questions and answers to frame the fantabulous and historic record of this Conservative government.

Flogging a pathetic and imaginary record certainly smells like campaign readiness to me.


penlan said...

"...Lisa Raitt, demonstrated that she is Cirque de Soleil flexible..."

I posted a few days ago about Chalk River being shutdown permanently - from a Weston column I read. Interesteing eh? Sure was a "crisis" when Lunn was Miinister & now it's just a "shrug"? There are going to be some seriously sick people here & around the world before long.

Interesting too about the theme you picked up. So many of the Ministers were on T.V. today making announcements that I'd agree with you - they're ratcheting up to an election.

KNB said...

There's no doubt in my mind that their caucus meetings are all about this penlan.

I will eventually post about the CFRB interview. It was clear to me there too.

Anonymous said...

Great post, KNB. It was worth your time just for us to be able to get an up close sense of the razzle dazzle. I heard her in an interview a couple of weeks ago. She made it sound like the failure to anticipate this sound like a resounding success, and the minty new council to study the situation sound like it was just in time instead of 2 years too late.

Barf-worthy. She must be so dizzy at the end of the day.

KNB said...

Actually Joseph, you put that really well. Failure ='s success, seems to be a mantra for this government. I wonder if they have spin doctors in their meetings with the civil service?

Can't you just see it? Civil servant offers sound advice...spin doctor pipes up and gives the Minister her line.

I suspect that entire caucus is either sleeping like logs at the end of the day from all the gymnastics or they are up all night aching and anticipating tomorrows moves.

Tough call...neither presents a pretty picture.