Friday, June 26, 2009

Here's an Idea

Instead of running around the country, making stops at every media outlet along the way to mislead Canadians about the Liberals, how about this? How about instructing those with direct oversight over the CBSA to put together a summer training session.

No, not more training on carrying a firearm that you can't use. You know, useful training, like who can and cannot enter this country and why.

The federal government had to apologize to a visiting Salvadoran judge for some out-of-date information about his country.

Eugenio Chicas was detained at Toronto's Pearson airport for 24 hours last week after he says officials told him he was a member of a questionable organization.

The FMLN was the revolutionary guerrilla group that fought the government in a brutal civil war between 1980 and 1992. Chicas was once a senior commander in the former military movement, and is a high profile member of the party.

But the FMLN now is the governing party in El Salvador. Canadian minister of state Peter Kent attended the presidential inauguration this spring alongside U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
"They told me that because of my affiliation with the organization, they wouldn't let me into the country," Chicas said from San Salvador.

"I told them that the war in El Salvador ended 17 years ago and the FMLN is now the governing party in El Salvador, but they told me that was the information they had available."

Sigh. You know, it seems not a day goes by without some embarrassing incident with this government.

Wasn't keeping Ayers and Galloway out idiotic enough? This man was invited by OUR government!

All I can say is, I sincerely hope that when Abdelrazik lands, there are no problems.


Omar said...

I'm starting to enjoy this new way of governance. I mean, the rest of the world thinks we're stupid anyway, might as well live up to the billing!

kirbycairo said...

This is just another typical example of Conservative paranoia. They seem to still exist in the shadow of Ronald Reagan and the cold-war. Any organization that might have any shades of left-wing ideology is treated as though it is still a representative of the Commentern. Such attitudes were bad enough during the actual days of the cold-war, now this attitude reeks of pathology.

KNB said...

Omar...they used to think we were pretty clever.

Gawd, it didn't take long did it? What the hell is up with Canadians though. Why don't they see it?

KNB said...

kirbycairo, pathology is the right term, imo.

If you scan policy from these guys, the paranoia is everywhere.

As I said to Omar, why this isn't being noticed in Canada is beyond me. Well not really. It makes sense when you look at how it's being reported.

Omar said...

Hey, just about everyone east of Ontario knows what's what with these Reform tools. It's the rest of you that need to wake up and smell ideological coffee.

KNB said...

True enough. Ontario is saturated with non news, that is eaten like sweet candy it seems. Read the BT's and look at where many of them reside.

It makes me want to pick up the province like a scatter mat...give it a good shake to rid it of the junk, then lay it down again, calmly so the pile can once again stand unobstructed.

Just sayin....