Wednesday, June 03, 2009

That's Mean I Love You

The title of this post is taken from a lyric of a song that I can't quite remember.
Suffice it to say, it expresses a sentiment that I share when I read something like this.
The Conservative party was unable to get television commercials aimed at Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation because the attack ads violated the network's long-standing ban on political advertising.

The Tories approached CBC officials before the launch of the "Michael Ignatieff: just visiting" campaign and were told that an internal policy prevented the network from accepting political ads outside of times of elections.
Even when they needed money and support from this government, guess what? They stuck to their rules of engagement.
"We'll only accept political advertising like that when there is an election campaign on," CBC spokesman Jeff Keay said. "We have generally pretty strict guidelines."
Hooray for principles!


penlan said...

I wondered why I wasn't seeing those ads on CBC. Good to know & yes - Principles!

penlan said...

Oh - & now we know why the Cons have an even bigger reason to sell off CBC. Privatize it so, in the near future, we Cons can get our ads on it. Gah!

RuralSandi said...

Well, I'm going to write CTV and tell them that I'm going to watch CBC news only so I don't have to look at those childish ads.

When they come on - hubby and I switch channels, put it on mute and do something else (get a beer or something) or turn the TV off.

I can't stand them anymore - they're boring, boring, boring and tacky as hell.

With all the revenue that CTV is getting off these ads - I see no need for a public subsidy. They have enough money to revampt the news channel and all. How much money/bonuses, etc. do you suppose the CTV execs get?