Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Is This Where We Hide the Scapegoats?

What do you do when your talent pool is as shallow as a butterfly's tear drop? You hang on to your Minister and find someone else to to take the fall. I mean really, can you think of any other reason for the hypocrisy being exhibited by the PMO?

The incompetence of this government is truly staggering.


Robbie said...

As I said yesterday maybe Canadians should remember this. Let's see how many more libranos can be exposed. It's good that this coincides with the grit fundraiser in Montreal this Thursday. Let's hope we finally find some of the missing $41 million and the names of those who took the bags of cash. I am still waiting to see the balance sheet for the grits for 2008. I still don't understand ho

Scott Tribe said...

I see you're making your rounds of the Liberal blogs Robbie.. trying desperately to change the channel.

KNB said...

Change the channel is right Scott.

Way to be on the pulse of Canadians Robbie. Oh, and if you don't understand ho, I suggest you ask your friends and not your parents.

Tomm said...


No need to change the channel. We need to focus in on the partisan hackery and hypocrisy from this very blog.

Did Lisa Raitt lose the papers? Or did one of her staffers? Did Lisa Raitt even know that briefing papers were missing? or one of her staffers?

You would want the Minister to resign everytime a staffer decides to cause a Minister to resign? Sounds more like anarachy than government.

In fact, it is starting to emit an odor. Is that the odor of Liberal hypocrisy? Is that the odor of a party that says we hold ourselves to a different standard than we do the Conservative's?

Back in Trudeau's day, you had to forge a husband's name on an abortion request form for your mistress to get asked to resign. And even then only grudgingly and only until the smoke cleared (Senator Francis Fox).

But now, we must hold the Conservative's to the standard that any staffer that drops "secret" papers is sufficient to cause a Minister's resignation.

Partisan hypocrisy.

At least have the decency to blush.

KNB said...

Did Lisa Raitt lose the papers? Or did one of her staffers? Did Lisa Raitt even know that briefing papers were missing? or one of her staffers?

See my next post Tomm...those excuses don't stand up.

Geebus...Trudeau's day? We're into a whole new era doncha know? The era of Conservative Accountability. If you're going to look back, at least be current in your thought process.

You guys did it too, just doesn't cut it based on the Conservative motto.

btw, what a ridiculous example, let alone not in the least analagous.

Cari said...

Why do these trolls bother..I do not recall Gomery saying 41 million Anyhow, isn't it interesting, that in that document , it said something about the sale..Do you know of any country that sold of it's Nuclear stations..this borderlines on the ridiculous and outright dangerous!

Tomm said...


Senator Francis Fox is still pulling down a Senatorial paycheck.

Sounds current to me.

Did you ever forge the name of your mistresses husband on an abortion request application and get caught?

Tomm said...


If your next post is Mulcair's view that the Bernier and Raitt events are essentially the same due to Harper's comments, go ahead and post, but it doesn't wash.

Bernier physically and personally left them somewhere. It clearly appears that Raitt did not, and also did not know about the absent binder. Go watch Harper's press conference for an adult's take on this.

KNB said...

I've never had a mistress Tomm and the day I use Mulcair as my point of reference...I give you my blessing in calling me out.

My conclusions are my own.

Tomm said...


I thought linking you with Mulcair might raise a hackle.

I shouldn't have followed my baser instincts.

I understand the LPC is digging extra deep to ensure Mr. Mulcair is looking for new employment after the next election.

I'm rootin for you.

I think he is the only MP to lunge across the aisle in anger during this parliament.

KNB said...

Tomm, this has nothing to do with the LPC. I didn't like Mulcair from the start.

You and I finally agree on something. Mulcair is frightening, imo. I think anger management groups would turn him away.

Anonymous said...

Great questions that weren't answered today were asked by Ralph Goodale: Who signed out the secret documents? Why were they not noted missing? and I forget the 3rd one, sorry. But these questions weren't even touched.

If Raitt signed out the documents, SHE is responsible for them--period.

She has to go. I can see the pressure coming in the next few days.

RuralSandi said...

Robbie, Robbie, Robbie - I suggest you read about the grit fundraiser - he "robbed the Libs" (which should make you very happy) and it was nothing to do with adscam - nice try, but the facts get in the way.

And, how on earth does that change the facts that Raitt left her documents - it doesn't.

Muclair is scary. He certainly let loose when Layton was away didn't he?

What is it about Raitt, if the staffer was responsible, that she couldn't tell Raitt right away? We've all made mistakes on our jobs, but shouldn't you be able to tell your boss right away so the problem can be fixed and no surprises? I used to tell people that worked under me - I'd rather hear about an error than be surprised later and the problem mounts up. They didn't get in trouble for an error if they were upfront about it.

I'm sorry, but the story just doesn't add up to me.