Sunday, June 21, 2009

When Is That Going To Start?

Stand Up for Canada was a cute, catchy little phrase wasn't it? I know that it made C/conservative voters feel warm and fuzzy and sadly likely convinced some, had they known better, would never have voted for the man.

It's odd isn't it then, how we've come to this place? Harper winning elections with a core of voters, a lot of voter apathy and those who just either bought the faux message or wanted to exercise their franchise, but couldn't vote for the other guy/woman.

The Star is running a series of articles that I will get into in future posts, but suffice it to say, they are taking a close look at our democracy, or to coin their phrase, the sham it's become.

Which brings me to my point. Those who follow will know that I have been caught up in the situation, nay, the outrage, in Iran.

I noted when Ignatieff made a statement and have since linked to Lawrence Cannon's statement .

Cannon's was late in my opinion. All over Twitter, not just in this country, it has been noted that we, Canada, are not taking in the injured. If you're not into Twitter, but understand social me, this stuff moves quickly and spreads country to country.

So, I'm still engaged there on this subject and I'm watching the news. If you want news though, you'd best go to CNN or something because from what I've seen on CTV or CBC, (who really has let us down here), is nothing more than a blurb. Just another 30 or 60 second soundbite. So not relevant.

This rant leads back to one thing though. Where the hell is Harper on this?

Forgetting the fact that I'm obviously a committed Liberal, where the heck is our government on the affairs of the day? Good for Cannon for speaking, but if you don't think that came after tremendous pressure...e-mails, calls, etc., go and check Twitter to understand how many did just that.

I confess that I am totally perplexed by Harper's silence. He doesn't support the regime in that country, so where does the reluctance lie?

A Canadian reporter has been taken into custody. Anyone remember the last time that that happened? Still, nothing from the government.

So, to end the rant...Stand Up for Canada? Me thinks not.

Cute slogans don't save lives and they sure as hell don't make a mark when you need them to.

Where is Harper?


Cari said...

Harper will not help anyone in that country, (Iran) because of Israel.
Harper never really gave a damn about Canada. He only wants to get rid of everything that is Canada..real mean streak in that man, and he is Treasonous.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to criticize Obama's relative silence as well?

Anonymous said...

I did not say anything about Obama, we do not live in that country and he has a reason for being quiet for now, because he carries a lot more weight than Harper.

KNB said...

Obama has hardly been silent people.

Anonymous said...

Compared to Gordon Brown, and Nicolas Sarkozy, and yes even the Canadian government Obama has been completely mute and deliberately so. His handlers have been on CNN and the rest defending his silence, saying that if he were to speak out it would play into the mullahs hands. If it's true that he has "hardly been silent" you would have seen the ayatallah jump all over it, instead he's calling the whole thing a British and French plot bc their leaders have spoken out.

Do you think Obama should be as loud as Sarkozy and Brown about this knb?

RuralSandi said...

Canada on the world stage? Not in you life. I was watching experts this morning - Obama is being careful, but is working with "European" allies on the issue. Obama is the one that HAS TO BE very careful because the Iran leaders will use him and blame him.

Why people dont' understand this confuses me.

The US and Europe don't give a fiddler's damn about what Harper thinks. If they did, they would say the US, Europe and Canada, but they don't.