Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I Say Yes!

Well, if you're asking...I say yes to an election, now.

Get these clowns out now before irreparable damage is done.

What say you?


LMA said...

Ignatieff's position of trying to make government work rather than force an election makes a lot of sense. However, he will lose credibility if he doesn't hold the Cons "accountable" for incompetence with respect to EI reform, distribution of stimulus funds and economic mismanagement. So I guess I would say an election if necessary, but not necessarily an election. Sounds familiar.

penlan said...

Agreed KNB!!!

RuralSandi said...

Agreed, but unfortunately Layton is chickening out. Layton has to decide if he loves Canada or not, because Harper is going to sell it off, destroy our valued institutions and, of course, there's the economy.

Anonymous said...

Iggy and the boys really don't have control over election timing, they can propose a motion of no confidence, the NDP and the Bloc support the government, and it survives. The NDP dosen't want an election because they will get wiped out. The Bloc dosen't want an election until they can get the Federal Quebec Liberals sorted out.

Anonymous said...

The NDP has not introduced a confiednce bill, this is different than supporting the goverment (where the Liberals voted confidence in the government 71 times now). Layton has said if the Liberals introduce a confidence motion he would vote for it... so what are you waiting for? Why doesn't Iggy introduce a confidence motion if you're all so keen on an election? You can't blame the NDP because Harper is still in power, you Liberals wear that all by yourselves.

Tomm said...

Iggy doesn't have the authority, even in his own caucus, to cause an election.

He is acting, and only acting. Its grade B puffery and bluster, just like his predecessor.

By all means, try to force an election.

I actually like Ignatieff and wouldn't want him to embarrass himself. He should keep his power dry until Spring 2010.

KNB said...

And you know he doesn't command authority in caucus how exactly? News reports? Guessing?

I have it on pretty good authority that he does, but indeed the caucus is made up of doves and hawks. Who would have pegged me as a hawk? lol.