Friday, June 26, 2009

The Rule is What?

I'm pretty sure each and every one of you have received one of these tacky, juvenile mailings. Perhaps not this one specifically, but something like it, right?

I also know that it's not only Liberals that are upset by this waste of paper. I've read and heard countless accounts from Conservatives who are at once embarrassed and disgusted.

So, in reading this article, I was struck by the final line:

The rules for 10-per-centers allow for some partisan content but are not to suggest that an MP be elected, re-elected or defeated.

Really? That's the rule? Then why are these bloody things allowed to be distributed? I have many that actually have the image of a ballot on them. That seems like a pretty blatant 'suggestion of re-election' to me.

Federal opposition politicians accused the Conservatives Friday of using taxpayer funds to produce and distribute political propaganda, a charge the party denied.

But one of the Conservative MPs who sent out the mailing said the content was "simply the truth."

Brian Jean, who represents the Alberta riding of Fort MacMurray, said, "I don't think of it as an attack at all. I think it's providing information and my job is to inform Canadians as to what their options are."

I find it astounding that no one in the media has contested this now common assertion that both the 10 per centers and the ads on TV and radio, are just telling the truth. They are not!

Some of the old ones said that Dion would revoke the child subsidy program, tax EVERYTHING and increase the GST. The ones attacking Ignatieff are no better. Worse maybe, and they still have a ballot-like option on them.

Oh, they have been clever though. Those Con's. The ballot no longer reads vertically, but is horizontal and they don't say mark an x, but rather suggest that you check one of the boxes, but it's a ballot by any other name.

That said, I understand why the Liberals would be tempted to fight fire with fire:

One, from Neville's office, shows pictures of former prime ministers: Next to Brian Mulroney are the words "$42 billion deficit," while the caption next to former prime minister Paul Martin reads "$13 billion surplus." Finally, beside a picture of Stephen Harper are the words "$34 billion deficit." (Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has subsequently revised the expected 2009 deficit figure to $50.4 billion.)

While that actually is accurate, I still don't think the Liberals should go there. We can still get the message out using more traditional ten per centers.

I'd really like to see the Conservatives nailed on this. Not just to get at the party, but to change the tone in this country to one that respects our intelligence.

The article is a little light on detail concerning the complaint though. Where it goes seems to be anyone's guess.


Anonymous said...

Seeing these again. reminds me what they tried to do to Dion, and all of it lies. Bad enough to make one cringe, The taxpayers should not be paying. The Conservative Party wants to tell outright lies they should pay the bill.
I do not get one of these as our MP was elected once as a PC and is not mean streaked.

KNB said...

Anon, you are lucky to have a PC as an MP. How rare are they? Gawd, I`d be happy if that was what the gov`t was made of at this point.

You haven`t received one from him/her, but the thing is, they send them all over the country. So the Bloc in theory could send to Alberta...

Ya, I know, it would never happen but the equivalent is happening. I get most of this junk from Alberta, Sask and Man and I'm in Ontario.

Tell me your MP's name and I'll let you know if they are sending me junk.

Anonymous said...

My MP is Gary Shellenberger, Perth Wellington

KNB said...

Nope, nothing from him.

Good on him.

Maybe you should e-mail and ask him what he thinks about this?

Anonymous said...

Just a correction. You said from the PC's?
Don't think that party exists since 2005 and the merger.
It is just the Conservative Party federally. Are you new to political commentary?

Anonymous said...

I said my MP was a PC once and then they joined with Alliance, Reform etc. He still acts as a real Conservative, not the make -beleve ones.

KNB said...

Don't you love how the ignorant preach? It really is a sight to behold.

Radical Centrist said...

Luckily, i now live in a totally safe Liberal riding so i am spared these 10 percenters. Last year, however, we were in a potential swing riding and were getting those things almost every day. I later read in the Toronto Star that ours was the most targetted riding in the country. Lucky us.

penlan said...

Anon, I have the same MP as you. I think Schellenberger sends out 1 newsletter a year to his constituents. Haven't gotten any 10%'ers from anyone anywhere in the country.

Anon, where are you? I'm in Stratford.