Thursday, June 04, 2009

L’État c’est Moi

So this phony 'law and order' government has been told, once again, that they are violating the Charter.

Hasn't the court ruled against them on Ronald Smith, Omar Khadr and now this?

The Federal Court of Canada on Thursday ordered the federal government to allow the return of a Montreal man stranded in Sudan for six years as an al-Qaeda suspect, ruling his charter rights have been breached.

Bob Rae asked about this in QP today:

Mr. SPEAKER, I have a question for the minister of foreign affairs. He will no doubt know, Mr. SPEAKER, that the federal Court has ruled this morning in a very emphatic judgment. That there is a serious question of the federal government government's adherence to the rule of law, in which the court has said very clearly that Mr. Abdelrazik should have been granted a passport. -- Abdelrazik should have been granted a passport. He was not. He should have been granted to come back to Canada, and he was not. I would like to ask a simple question. Will they change the decision of the government of Canada

Our, oh so deep Minister of Justice who always demonstrates just how seriously he takes these issues responded with:

Hon. Robert Nicholson: THANK YOU, Mr. SPEAKER, A Lengthy decision of the federal court was handed down this morning. Inasmuch as I've never been a member of the NDP, we'll actually read the decision before making a decision on it.

Wasn't that brilliant? Insightful? Meaningful? The decision btw is only about 100 pages.

Nicholson, like Harper, fancies himself to be a tough law and order guy, but they both obviously have no compunction in flouting the law of the land if it doesn't fit with their sick agenda.


RuralSandi said...

Well, I guess Stevie will have to get rid of the Supreme Court - it's in his way. That's how he deals with things. (Dictator?).

We don't need a Supreme Court - we've got Harper.

Nicholson looks odd to me. His eyes are weird, as in mean weird, narrow minded weird.

KNB said...

Actually, Nicholson has me laughing most of the time Sandi.

He's a smallish man, with a smallish voice that delivers a tough guy message with a kind of gosh darn Leave it to Beaver, attitude. He speaks about crime, or rather the bad guys doing nasty things, as if he's addressing a grade 3 class.

Just plain odd.

To the point though, didn't Harper once say that the courts would keep him in line? Not so much when he ignores them.

RuralSandi said...

Ya, you're right. When he was first elected he used this to say it was safe to elect him....boy were people fooled.

RuralSandi said...

Come to think of it, Nicholson combs his hair like Ward Cleaver and I wonder if he wears a sweater and tie on his days off.