Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home at Last!

While I imagine he will still face some difficulties, Abousfian Abdelrazik is finally home. I have to say that I was a little concerned that something untoward might happen at Customs, but thankfully all seemed to go smoothly.

This story should not be forgotten however. I heard a news report on the radio, simply saying that he was home, had been in Sudan for 6 years and was tortured, and that he was brought home by the Harper government.

Really. That's what they said. The Harper government brought him home. Technically correct, but...shades of good 'ol Harper to the rescue, were hardly hidden. No mention of how the government has resisted this every step of the way and only did what they did because they were ordered by the courts to do so.

I'm sure few people know about this case, and fewer have likely followed closely, but the take away from a news report like that is that the government came in on a white steed and rescued the man. What a crock!

Meanwhile, Stockwell Day was in Saudi Arabia and met with Mohamed Kohail's family. You remember him right? The young Canadian man facing death by beheading. Anyway, he wrote to the PM, not for the first time, asking for help. His family gave the letter to Day.

The first letter that was written never reached the PM, which I suppose is not unexpected, but I wonder if it reached the PMO? Will we be able to track what happens to this letter?

Day did not meet with Kohail personally. Surprise, surprise.

While Day met with the family, he didn't go to the prison where Kohail is being held.

The minister was in Saudi Arabia as part of a business trip to the Middle East.
But Day should have met with Mohamed Kohail at the prison, and should have been more forceful with Saudi officials over the case, said Liberal MP Dan McTeague.

"Mr. Day has had two opportunities to travel to Saudi Arabia, suggested he's met with the right people to raise this," said McTeague.
"He ought to have visited Mr. Kohail and he ought to have been very forceful in the concerns that he and Mr. Kohail have raised about . . . allegations of torture."

I guess we'll have to wait to see if the government is successful in getting this man released or clemency. In which case, I will be the first to support a news report claiming same.


Anonymous said...

I feel for this man. He does not look like a terrorist, and I doubt very much if he ever was. If the Federal Court had not ordered him to be brought home , he would still be there. Harper would appeal the order , the same as Qadar..nothing to do with either of them.
reading CTV comments, there are great many who don't want him here, to that effect..or the Liberals should have brought him home.

Cari said...

What will this man do..on the NO-Fly list, with the UN, it means he cannot hold a job, cannot be given any financial assistance.....

KNB said...

Anon, the Lib's don't get a free ride here.

I think there is plenty that must be looked into.

That said, the mood/climate was one of paranoia. The US said jump and the world asked just how high?

Time went on though and facts came out...facts that apparently the Cons still deny.

What happened today was only done because of court order.

KNB said...

Cari, I have no idea. That is something that he, his lawyers and with any luck, the government will have to assist with.

Okay, maybe not this government, but the next one. ;)

Anonymous said...

The question is how do you get him off the U.N no fly list in which Canada doesn't any control?

Right now the Mr.Abdelrazik enemy for what I hear. It will not be easy for him. If I'm not mistaken I think he still owes money to our government. How this will end up is anyones guess.