Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning Smile

Patrick Corrigan, Toronto Star

h/t - Impolitical via Twitter


Anonymous said...

Just how many times have these two been doing the same thing.? long as the Liberals voted with the government.

Gayle said...

They have been pretty much villified in the media.

RuralSandi said...

Now Layton and Mulcair are trying to toot that the NDP got so much out of Paul Martin - well, duh.

They got NOTHING out of him. The funds were to be allocated in February/o6 and Harper manipulated Layton to bring the government down in 2005 when an election was already planned for March of 2006.

Unbelievable how they're trying to spin this - on top of counting the votes. Hope they don't run out of fingers and toes.

Layton was on Don Newman last night tooting this and Newman said to Layton that Martin was more desparate the at the time - stopped Layton in his tracks.

I'm going to miss Newman, although I understand he will still cover special events like the next election.