Monday, June 01, 2009

Privatizing Crown Corporations? Hell Ya!

Well, Surprise, Surprise!, as an old sitcom character used to say. Under the guise of all things called...the worse recession in history...except we are the best in fighting it...the government in it's infinite wisdom, no, it's ideological wisdom, is slowly but surely implementing what it's base has fought long and hard for.

Oh, Tom Flanagan must be grinning at the moment. He swung the shiny object and people like me got caught up in the plan rather than focusing on the implementation. Thankfully, most of us are able to divert our attention. Even me.

Here we go:

...the documents also reveal that the government will consider privatizing Crown corporations that require public subsidies to stay afloat.

In the briefing note, the Finance Department identifies nine Crown corporations that fall in that category, including Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., the CBC and VIA Rail.

We're witnessing what is happening at AECL. What do you think is in store for the rest?

Conventional wisdom suggests that no one wants an I've never understood that sentiment. No one ever asks 'why not'? I want one now. I want this government gone yesterday.

I listened to a couple of exclusive interviews with Harper today. Ha! Obviously, the word exclusive has lost it's meaning, but in the end, the PM and the PMO, chose their media exposure well. FOX, CFRB and CTV. How cozy. Stay with me now...I'm going to tie this together.

You see Harper was supposedly interviewed on the GM deal. In each and every case though, he took the opportunity to slag the Lib's and Ignatieff in particular and was given free rein. He's setting everything up. He knows that documents are going to surface about now and in true form, it's follow the shiny object time.

In this case, I'll say that he is playing chess, but I won't guess to what piece/man he just put forward. Guess for yourself. He's playing an obvious game, a game of diversion, but at the same time tactically moving in a way that he hopes no one will notice.

Draw your own conclusions, but imo, if Harper is not stopped soon and I mean now, his cute line of not recognising this country will come true.

In fact, too much already has.


Anonymous said...

Seconded. Those crown corps are MINE, esp the CBC, my parents and I have been supporting them with our taxes, and our viewing and listening all our lives. The value of being in control of your own media, or medical isotopes, or cross country rail system, esp. when living beside the US, is absolutely vital for keeping us Canadian.

A government is supposed to protect Canada's assets, not liquidate them. Yes, I'm ready to go vote any time at all. Just say when.

penlan said...

Harper slagged Ignatieff & the Libs on Fox News? It's American for god's sake. Do you recall what he said? And in the Cdn ones as well?

What a snake this man is. I want an election now. This country is going down the tubes on every front & going down in such a short amt. of time no less. 3 1/2 yrs. of Harper is destroying us. Didn't take him long now did it.

KNB said...

Sorry penlan, I didn't phrase that properly. The interview I heard was on CFRB, (more on that later).

He was scheduled to be on FOX but they had satellite trouble apparently.

penlan said...

Please share about CFRB soon, if you can. Thanks for clearing up on the Fox snafu.

RuralSandi said...

So, should Canadians believe Harper is a patriot? I think Layton and Duceppe better look into their souls and do the principled thing.

Doesn't Harper look like Harris in that photo (separated at birth)?

KNB said...

He does a bit Sandi. Conservative DNA?

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time Canadians in the Ontario area band together, go to Parliment Hill and protest for all they are worth. Maybe that's what needs to happen across Canada. Its time people fire the whole lot of them useless thugs.If Harper won't listen to the opposition, maybe he'll hear Canadians and start paying a little more attention.

How does this man get away with what he does or doesn't do. What can one do to shake Canadians up to start demanding we go to an election to fire those friggin bastards. The only supporters he probably has right now are government employees who are scared silly for their own jobs.These people are called brown nosers who only care about their own welfare.

Regards, Marie

Anonymous said...

On second thought, maybe its time to use the coalition factor and this time follow it through even if we have to put up with Jack Layton, the Harper supporter.

sjw said...

I've wanted an election for quite sometime and I'm frustrated by the "Canadians don't want an election now" theme. I mean, what exactly do we have to do other than pay attention (choose your amount of time) throughout a campaign and go vote on election day. Doesn't seem much of a burden to me. The politicians and their organizers are the ones who put in the hard work during an election campaign not the average citizen. The voters obligation to the process is the easy part. Canadians who are ambivalent (or outright hostile) towards our politicians these days should be thrilled about the idea of them out slogging the land while the rest of us take it easy and enjoy our summer.

Anonymous said...

Connies will always sell Crown corporations that make money to their friends at discount rates and saddle the money loosing ones on Canadians...

I wonder if they look at the total sum of +/- that Crown corporations bring in... instead of this piecemeal way of compartmenting ...

KNB said...

Marie, should an election happen, an issue such as this would breate lots of protests.

How does he do it? He's dishonest.

Actually, I think a lot of civil servants have been put in a really tough spot. I saw a committee mtg today that confirmed that for me.

KNB said...

sjw, I think the whole 'don't want an election' meme is manufactured by the media.

I'm sure it's a tough slog travelling with pols, but on the other hand, they always have a story, so I don't really get it. It's not as if they are gone for months at a time.

Ignatieff said today that there would be a decision on an election likely next week.

KNB said...

cwtf, gawd only knows how they are assessing this, but it's dangerous territory imo.

Flaherty took the CBC off the table today, but he was careful to qualify his comment with 'this year'.

penlan said...

Boy do they hate CBC. He'd sell it this year if he found a buyer. Can't trust a word he says, obviously. Look at how much the deficit has grown even bigger than $50 Billion - since just the other day.

KNB said...

He'd sell his mother if he found a buyer! Free market don't cha know.

Seriously, we need honest headlines about this stuff.

I kind of liked...Tories digging a $172-billion hole: TD.

Canadians will notice if it's reported every day.

penlan said...

Yes, that TD accounting was a real shocker. It must be kept in the forefront & not end up all forgotten about. It's good for campaign ads & must be used.