Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ignatieff Goes To China

Michael Ignatieff met with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi today and accepted an invitation to travel to China in early September.

To the best of my knowledge, Harper has yet to make time for such a trip. In fact I've heard Minister Cannon on many occasions repeat that Harper will travel there, when his agenda allows.

Who knows, maybe his schedule will open up now?


Anonymous said...

We used to say that "Only Nixon could go to China."

We should now change it to "Only Nixon and Ignatieff could go to China."

Yep this is the new catch phrase. What do you think hey?

Anonymous said...

In early Sept, Harper will be busy campaigning to keep his job which is what he's been doing ever since he got it.

penlan said...

You might want to read this story about a reporter from SunMedia chain barred from the Chinese Foreign Ministers speech:


RuralSandi said...

Hey, maybe Harper will be in court again in September - Democracy Watch is taking the Cons to court for breaking the law - the illegal election last fall.

You know, the stuff just keeps mounting up.

One thing for sure, (the Con trolls and Iggy haters will attack) Ignatieff will act like an adult, a statesman and won't embarrass us like Harper does.

KNB said...

Sandi and penlan, see my next post.

Proud Canadian, it's 2009. Try to catch up.

Anon...I live in hope.

Anonymous said...

"Sandi and penlan, see my next post.

Proud Canadian, it's 2009. Try to catch up.

Anon...I live in hope."

KNB it's a joke have a sense of humour geez. Life is too short you need to laugh every now then. Not to take everything so serious.

RuralSandi said...

Some people just aren't good at telling jokes.

KNB said...

Read my next post and you'll understand why I'm not exactly in a jovial mood.

Anonymous said...

"Read my next post and you'll understand why I'm not exactly in a jovial mood."

KNB I just lost my uncle last Sunday where i have lived my entire life just a few feet away from him o.k. I still find time to enjoy life and laugh.So don't give me read "my next post" crap.I follow the news just has much as you do if not more. Enjoy life is my advice to you it's too short. I've lost two family members since last January. "Life is short"enjoy it.

KNB said...

Right, I'm sorry for your loss. Really.

I do however have the right to laugh when I choose.

There is irony in your Nixon comment though. Nixon frequently comes to mind when I think of the lawlessness of this PM.

btw, I thought you were leaning toward Ignatieff?

sjw said...

Yeah, our country is getting flushed down the crapper by ideological imbeciles!


Sorry about your uncle, Buddy, but what is happening to this country is criminal and if you and others like you are in support that then as far as I'm concerned you're all implicit.

Anonymous said...

"Right, I'm sorry for your loss. Really"

"Thank you"

"btw, I thought you were leaning toward Ignatieff?"

I'm still leaning toward Mr. Ignatieff. But i have to tell you i was disappointed in him the last week of parliament. I'm still waiting to here from him what he would be doing differently than Mr.Harper. I'm not talking about rhetoric,I'm talking about concrete solution.

But i don't buy the argument that i see on the liblogs no matter what Mr.Harper does is wrong. That is a load of bull. For God sakes even the Liberals have voted along side the Conservatives on none confidence bills. Where there wouldn't be any election if they would have voted against.

Anonymous said...

Iggy will be taking a resume with him.

penlan said...


I'm sorry for your loss. Know where you're coming from as I just lost my mom & it's all so very painful.