Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wait and See

The story this morning of Bob Rae being turned away in Sri Lanka, is really disturbing.

Whether you are fan of Rae's or not, there can be no doubt that he is one of the foremost experts on international affairs and on this specific issue, he has been passionately engaged.

While I've met and chatted with Rae a few times, I certainly have never discussed Sri Lanka with him, but I have listened to him speak on the subject. He has always expressed a neutral view with a vocal concern for civilians innocently caught in the conflict and of course a push to see an end to the violence. He has spoken out against the LTTE and is on record as having done so.

I don't know what's happened here, but I eagerly await the response of our government.

My hope is that they will speak out loudly and forcefully against this ouster from the country. Rae applied for and was issued a Visa before leaving the country, so it seems incredibly suspicious that he would be turned away upon arrival.

Nothing short of a condemnation of this action from the government of Canada, is acceptable.

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Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I'm sure that the Sri Lankan government is well aware of the history of the Liberal Party and the NDP when it comes to the Tamils.

Some Liberals have even showed up at terrorists funerals and fundraisers.

You say Rae is an "expert" on this issue.

Provide some historical evidence to that, otherwise it sounds good but not much else.

The government of Sri Lanka has every right to refuse a shit disturber as would Canada if it just finished a war with a terrorist group.

Imagine that. Canada just defeated a terrorist group and now a member of the Sri Lankan government wants to come to Canada to "check" things out because he considers himself to be an "expert" on the issue.

Sound ridiculous.

It should.

KNB said...

If the government responds in a similar fashion to this ill informed anonymous commenter...

RuralSandi said...

Anon - don't let your partisan lack of knowledge hang out too far - Bob Rae negotiated a peace agreement in Sri Lanka in 2001.

I think the Cons tipped them off in some way. Rae would have to get to go ahead from the government and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they did something here.

Whether you like Rae or not the one thing he is good at and that is negotiations - which is truly what Canada needs (like Pearson) - a good negotiator.

I doubt very much if the Sri Lankans have any interest in Rae's tenure as premier of a province, etc.

wilson said...

'Nothing short of a condemnation of this action from the government of Canada, is acceptable.'

I'm thinking that the Government of Canada is not going to rush to Bob Rae's defence, anytime soon.
I doubt that the Government of Canada sent Bob Rae over to Sri Lanka.

for your info RuralSandi:
I do not see the Government of Canada anywhere in this:

''...the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Canada has requested and got secret approval from some individuals in the Foreign Office in Colombo to send Mr. Bob Rae to Sri Lanka from June 10-12 and asked that he be treated as a "cabinet minister". ...

RuralSandi said...

Sorry - I can't get it out of my mind that the only ones who claim everyone supports terrorists but themselves are the Cons.

Jason Kenney isn't above anything partisan.

It just doesn't smell right.

KNB said...

wilson I'm thinking that the Government of Canada is not going to rush to Bob Rae's defence, anytime soon.

I hope you're wrong. If you're right, this government, this PM, is a smaller man than even I thought possible and you know my opinion in that area.

KNB said...

wilson, Harper's followers may be petty, small and ignorant of the real world and facts, but thankfully the government sometimes disregards them.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to that nice Galloway chap?

KNB said...

Yes well, I didn't say this government did the right thing all the time.

wilson said...

'I hope you're wrong.'
Well, I was wrong knb.
The Harper government did come to Raes defence.
I would have left him dangling, but that's why I am a partisan not a politician.
And yes, it was the right thing to do, even with the Raitt smear as a back drop.

KNB said...

Pssst, read comments and updates before posting.

The Raitt smear or the Raitt tear?

Anonymous said...

Raitt cries because she thinks it will save her careers...

I hope that Canadians are not stupid enough to forgive her...

KNB said...

Hey wilson...Kenney just said that Obhrai was denied entry too, same reason.

Would you have let him swing too?

Anonymous said...

Would you have let him swing too?

I suspect that will be different - because it always is...